Ordering Your Prescription

Order your NHS prescription medicine with the Peak Pharmacy App! - pharmacy staff putting away medicine onto a shelf

Need to order an NHS prescription? Let's discuss your options so you can see what works best for you.  Once your order has been placed with your GP they will send us your prescription to dispense.

Top Tip: Many of our pharmacies can send you a text message when your prescription is ready to collect.  Ask your pharmacy team for more information and always order your medicines at least 1 week before you are due to run out

If you would like to learn more about prescriptions then read our guide or speak to one of your friendly pharmacy teams for more information.

Peak Pharmacy App

Download the Peak Pharmacy App or use the Peak Pharmacy Web App, it's your choice.  You'll need to register first but once you are registered you can use either the phone app or the web app for prescription ordering. 

This service is provided by our technology partner HealthEra.  It is not linked to your peakpharmacy.co.uk shopping credentials.    


Goes directly to your GP

Pay for your prescriptions?  You can pay in app

Set up reorder reminders so you never run short again

Communicate with your pharmacy via the app. No need to give them a call

Notification when your prescription is ready to collect

Top Tip: If you sign up using your NHS login then it will automatically set up your repeat medicine list saving you time and effort and mistakes that may delay your order!

Download The App



Similar to the Peak Pharmacy App and available to download via the app store or online the NHS now offer prescription reordering, and access to parts of your medical record.  You may need to set up an NHS profile, but this is really easy to do.  Unfortunately, the NHS App does not allow you to pay in the app, or communicate with your pharmacy through a messaging system.  


Goes directly to your GP

Shows your repeat medicine list

Some GP surgeries will let you book appointments via the NHS app

View your COVID vaccine record

View a summary of your medical record

Other Alternatives

There are other ways in which you may order your NHS Prescriptions.  Like the above your GP Surgery may have their own Apps like Patient Access or Airmid. The choice of app depends on which software provider your GP surgery uses, so always check before signing up. Some GP Surgeries also have their own website where you can order medicines online as well.   

Looking for something that does not require a computer?  You can still drop a written request into your local GP surgery and in some areas, you can call a Medicine Ordering Line.  If you are struggling with ordering your medicines please speak to your GP surgery for further advice. 

It's important to note that many GP Surgeries cannot accept telephone requests, and most Peak Pharmacies are unable to order medicines on your behalf so make sure you get organised before you need your next repeat prescription and use one of the methods above. 

What else can we do?

I'm sure you've guessed by now that we do more than just dispense NHS prescriptions.  Why not check out some of the services that you can expect at your local Peak Pharmacy and also some of the specialist health services that we offer in select stores from Manchester to Milton Keynes.