Nominate Your Pharmacy

Nominate Your Pharmacy

Most NHS prescriptions issued by your GP are now electronic and are sent to your pharmacy using the NHS Electronic Prescription Service (EPS).

Did you know that you need to nominate a pharmacy to benefit from the NHS Electronic Prescription Service?

Your GP or a member of our pharmacy team may ask you if you want to ‘nominate’ a pharmacy. This means that your GP will be able to send your prescriptions electronically directly to your chosen pharmacy.

What are the benefits?

If you receive regular, repeat medication then nominating your local pharmacy makes perfect sense. Collecting your medicine much closer to home makes life a lot simpler for you, enabling you to focus on other aspects of your daily life.

Perhaps you’d prefer to use a pharmacy near your workplace? Not a problem. EPS is available all over England (but unfortunately not in Scotland or wales at the moment) so you could select any pharmacy anywhere in the country that is convenient for you.

By nominating a pharmacy it will also save you a trip to the surgery to collect the prescription and allow our pharmacy team to have your medicines dispensed in advance of your collecting.

It is easy to nominate a pharmacy – just have a chat with one of our pharmacy team, download the Peak Pharmacy App or inform your GP. To find your nearest Peak Pharmacy, use our Pharmacy Finder.

It is worth noting, that you can only have ONE nominated pharmacy. You cannot use two different pharmacies at the same time. However, it’s really easy to move pharmacies, just tell your new pharmacy you would like to use them ….. and your prescriptions will automatically go there next time.

If you still need advice then follow this helpful NHS Guide to learn more about nominating a pharmacy!