Discharge Medicine Service

Discharge Medicine Service available at Peak Pharmacy - checking medicines on a shelf

Returning home after hospitalisation is undoubtedly a relief but you may have many unanswered questions, especially when it comes to medications. The NHS Discharge Medicine Service is here to make this phase clear, focused, and uncomplicated. It goes beyond routine; it's a practical commitment to your well-being.

This service is about making sure you understand your medications and can manage them confidently at home. It aims to optimise how you use your medicines, involve you in decisions, and minimise any risks during the transition from hospital to home.

In the next section, we'll break down the service and outline how it becomes a crucial part of your post-hospital journey. Our focus is on giving you the knowledge and tools to handle your medication, helping ensure a smooth transition to your ongoing recovery at home. 

So we know about the service aims, but where does it all begin?

The service begins in the hospital when one of the hospital team recognises that a patient may require additional help after being discharged.  The reasons for initiating the service are broad, but ultimately the service is there to help those who are most in need.

The pharmacy team, along with the GP will be informed of the discharge and provided information, for example, your discharge medicine list, reasons these medicines have been prescribed, changes to medication and reasons for the changes along with contact details for the hospital clinicians.  

Your local Peak Pharmacy and the Discharge Medicine Service

Once we receive your discharge referral our teams at Peak Pharmacy will check through the discharge papers and compare them to your regular medications and where necessary will speak with your GP or hospital prescriber to raise any issues and get them resolved quickly.

You are normally discharged from the hospital with a selection of medicines, so don't expect to hear from our pharmacists at this stage, but once your first prescription arrives from your GP our teams will be in touch to find out if your recovery is going well.   

During the consultation, which may take place in the pharmacy or over the phone you will have the opportunity to discuss your medicines, what you know about them, how you are getting on with them and finally help you dispose of any unwanted medicines.  

The aim is to help you recover at home and prevent any unnecessary readmissions to the hospital.  Our team of pharmacists at your local Peak Pharmacy are always available to help.