Vaccine Price List

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Vaccine Price List

Our specialist vaccine clinics offer more than just travel vaccines! Why not check out the list of services below and the vaccines that we can provide?

Need to know more? Then why not contact one of our specialist travel clinics, or even book online?

Vaccine Prices:

VaccinePrice per DoseDoses per Course
Chicken Pox£65.002
Cholera (pk 2 doses)£60.00n/a
Dengue Fever£1002
Hepatitis A£55.002
Hepatitis A (Child)£55.002
Hepatitis A+B£75.003
Hepatitis A+B (Child)£75.003
Hepatitis B£40.003
Hepatitis B (Child)£40.003
HPV Vaccine (Gardasil-9)£170.001 / 2 /3
Japanese B Encephalitis£95.002
Meningitis (Pilgrim)£50.001
Meningitis ACWY£50.001
Meningitis B£103.002 or 3
Pneumonia PCV-20£75.001
Pneumonia PPV-23 (Pneumovax II)£35.001
Respiratory Syncytial Virus (GSK)£210.001
Shingles (Shingrix)£220.002
DTP (Tetanus Diptheria Polio)£35.001
Tick-Borne Encephalitis£65.003
Whooping Cough£68.001
Yellow Fever£65.001
Exemption letters or Duplicate Certificates£15.00n/a

Note: Some of the vaccines above may require multiple doses. The prices quoted are per vaccine. For example, Rabies is a course of 3 vaccines and a full schedule of 3 doses would cost £240

Vaccine availability varies frequently and the price list above is intended as a guide to the vaccines we can offer and not confirmation that a vaccine is in stock. 

Anti-Malaria Tablets

DrugPrice per Tab/Cap
Generic Malarone£1.75
Branded Malarone£2.95
Branded Malarone Paediatric£1.10
Generic Malarone Paediatric£1.10
Doxycycline Capsules£0.35
Lariam tablets£3.54

The prices above are correct as of December 2023 but are subject to change without notice.