Skin Tag Removal Service

Skin Tag Removal Service available at Peak Pharmacy.

Skin Tag Removal Service at Peak Pharmacy!

Here at Peak Pharmacy, we now offer Skin Tag Removal at selected branches.

Peak Pharmacy Skin Tag Removal Treatments start from £50, including a FREE consultation with one of our specially trained technicians to help you remove troublesome or unsightly skin tags.

Specially trained clinicians inside the Pharmacy carry out this low-priced, fast, and effective service, ensuring that professionals perform the Skin Tag Removal in a safe, clean environment - your local Peak Pharmacy consultation and treatment room!

Please be aware that our Skin Tag Removal Service is for adults aged 18 and over.

Where can I get my skin tag removed near me?

Local Service Locations:

We currently have Skin Tag Removal available in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, with possibly more locations to follow in the future.

Peak Pharmacy - 1 Stubley Drive, Dronfield, Derbyshire, S18 8QY - (T): 01246 290148

Peak Pharmacy - Bluebell Wood Way, Ashfield Park, Sutton in Ashfield, NG17 1JW - (T): 01623 553781

Other Removal Treatments:

As well as Skin Tag removal, we also offer treatments to remove...

  • Warts
  • Pigmented Spots
  • Cherry Angiomas
  • Seborrheic Keratoses
  • Sun Spots

How does Skin Tag Removal work?

First of all, you will undergo an assessment consultation to ensure that the service is right for you and determine if treatment is needed via CryoPen or a plasma pen.

The CryoPen® is an innovative, high-performance cryosurgery tool to safely remove unsightly skin tags, warts, age spots and other benign skin lesions. The CryoPen® allows professionals to work with millimetre precision to remove all benign skin lesions with no more collateral damage to healthy tissue.

Please be aware that the service may require a follow-up appointment if we are unable to complete the treatment on the first attempt. The follow-up appointment is included in the original price.

What is a Skin Tag?

A skin tag, also known as an acrochordon or fibroepithelial polyp, is a small, benign growth that commonly appears on the skin's surface. It typically consists of a stalk or peduncle that connects the growth to the skin. Skin tags are often flesh-coloured or slightly darker and can vary in size, ranging from a few millimetres to a few centimetres in diameter.

Skin tags are generally harmless and painless, but they can sometimes cause irritation or discomfort if they rub against clothing or jewellery. They are most commonly found in areas where the skin folds or creases, such as the neck, underarms, groin, eyelids, and beneath the breasts.

The exact cause of skin tags is not fully understood, but they are believed to develop due to the friction or rubbing of skin against skin or clothing. They are more common in older adults and individuals who are overweight or have diabetes. Hormonal changes during pregnancy may also contribute to their development.

What are the benefits of having skin tags removed?

Skin tag removal offers numerous cosmetic and practical benefits, providing relief and improving overall well-being.

Enhanced Appearance: Skin Tags, though benign, can be unsightly and may affect one's self-esteem, especially if they are located in prominent areas such as the face, neck, or underarms. Removal of these skin growths can lead to a smoother and more aesthetically pleasing skin appearance.

Increased Comfort: Skin Tags can sometimes become irritated or snagged on clothing or jewellery, causing discomfort or even pain. Removing them eliminates this source of irritation, leading to increased comfort and freedom of movement.

Improved Hygiene: Skin Tags in areas where skin rubs together, such as the neck or underarms, can trap moisture and bacteria, potentially leading to odour or skin infections. Removing Skin Tags improves hygiene by eliminating these areas where bacteria can thrive.

Peace of Mind: Many people feel self-conscious or anxious about the presence of Skin Tags, particularly if they are visible to others. Removing Skin Tags can provide peace of mind and boost confidence, allowing individuals to feel more comfortable and at ease in social situations.

Overall, Skin Tag removal offers a range of benefits that go beyond just cosmetic improvements, providing individuals with greater comfort, confidence, and peace of mind.

So what are you waiting for? Book your treatment with our Team, today!