Peak Pharmacy Weight Loss Clinics

Peak Pharmacy Weight Loss Clinics - a man and woman running through a park exercising to aid in their weight loss journey

At Peak Pharmacy we care about your health, which includes supporting our patients to maintain a healthy weight.

Carrying excess weight is linked to health risks including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnoea and even some cancers. Peak Pharmacy has dedicated weight loss clinics and experts that you can see in-store or chat with over the phone.


Our service is not just medication!

Weight gain should be tackled holistically, and every patient’s lifestyle is considered. Our teams give lifestyle advice combined with support and positive reinforcement to help you reach your goals. The addition of the oral or injectable weight-loss treatment will complement the changes you make, helping you to reach - and maintain - a healthy weight.


There are various medication options:

Orlistat is a medication taken as a capsule with meals to help you lose weight. It comes in a low-dose 60mg capsule you can buy over the counter or a 120mg capsule available via our weight-loss clinics. You may know it by the brand names ‘Alli’ or ‘Xenical’. 

Orlistat starts at £49.99 per month.


Semaglutide (Wegovy) which is an injection. You will inject yourself once a week at home with a simple, easy-to-use injection device. Wegovy has 5 different strengths starting at 0.25mg and increases every 4 weeks until you are on the maintenance dose of 2.4mg.


Wegovy starts at £159 per month.

 All weight loss medications need to be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and increased exercise so that sustained healthy weight loss can be achieved and most importantly maintained. 






The service is by face-to-face appointment only. This ensures our team can give you the care and attention you need to succeed!  

Booking an appointment allows time to be allocated so we can best discuss your weight loss goals and give you the advice that’s needed. It is worth noting that the availability of some medicines may be intermittent, our specialists will be able to provide more information on request.   

You can schedule your appointment in person, online or by phoning one of our participating pharmacies.

Appointments should last no longer than 20 minutes.

You must attend in person so that we can do the measurements to make sure the right option is taken for you.  It also will give you a chance to explain how to use the injection device if you’ve not used one before.

In addition, there may be occasions when you will need to have a short telephone consultation with one of our prescribing pharmacists so they can prescribe the medication for you.

After your first appointment, you will need to collect your next supply of medication every four weeks.  You will need to collect this in person so our colleague can take the necessary measurements and check on your health and well-being.


Our staff will ask for some information about your lifestyle, medicines, and health conditions, before measuring your weight and height to calculate your BMI. We will also measure your waist circumference as this is a great indicator of healthy living success. 

We will discuss the various options for weight loss so you can make an informed decision.   You will be shown how to use the medication that is best for you and any side effects you need to be aware of.  The Pharmacist will then prescribe the medication for you. You may even be able to take the medication on the same day but if not you will be sent a text message advising you when it is ready to collect, which is usually within 48 hours.


No one ever said weight loss was easy, but we want you to succeed. We are here to answer your questions and celebrate your success with you.  Every four weeks when you collect your medication, we will offer you dedicated time should you want to discuss anything with our pharmacists* or gain further advice. 

*This may be in the way of a phone call if the prescribing pharmacist is not on site.


There are two popular treatments, and they both work in different ways, let's learn more about them.


Orlistat reduces the amount of fat you absorb from meals.

How much weight could I lose with Orlistat? 

What are the side effects of Orlistat?

  • The most common side effects are oily stools, flatulence, abdominal discomfort, headache and respiratory tract infections.

How much does it cost?

  • This treatment costs £49.99 for 84 capsules. One capsule should be taken up to three times a day with meals. If a meal contains little or no fat, it is not necessary to take a dose of Orlistat.

How long will I need to use it for? 

  • Obesity can be a long-term condition and there is no set length of treatment. Rest assured, we will continue to support you, and won’t recommend that you remain on Orlistat if it is unsuccessful or becomes unsuitable.

Wegovy is a prescription medication that is injected under the skin once a week to help you lose weight. You will be shown how to give yourself this injection at home.

How much weight could I lose with Wegovy?

  • Over a 68-week trial, adults weighing 16.5st lost an average of 2.5st, while patients receiving a dummy injection only lost around 5-6lb.
  • Weight loss within the first 12 weeks is expected to be at least 5%.

Who is it suitable for?

  • You need a BMI > 30.
  • There are circumstances when a BMI of 27 is sufficient if you have underlying health risks.
  • Your Peak Pharmacy team can help advise if you are suitable.

What are the side effects?

  • The most common side effects are feeling or being sick, diarrhoea, constipation, stomach pain, headache, tiredness, dizziness, feeling bloated, wind, heartburn, and runny nose or sore throat.
  • Nausea can be alleviated by small regular meals and healthy snacking.

How much does it cost?

  • The price is £159 every 4 weeks for the first 12 weeks and then increases according to the table below.
 Weeks 1-4Weeks 5-8Weeks 9-12Weeks 13-16Maintenance Dose
Weekly Dose0.25mg0.5mg1mg1.7mg2.4mg
 0.25mg pen0.5mg pen1mg pen1.7mg pen2.4mg pen
Price Per Pack
(4 Weeks Treatment)

As per the table, the dose increases every four weeks until you are on the maintenance dose.  This is to minimise the side effects and maximise your chances of losing weight in a controlled and sustainable way. 


Wegovy mimics a natural hormone (GLP-1) found in the body which is released after eating.  It also slows down the stomach emptying.  These actions give the feeling of fullness and therefore decrease your appetite.  This helps build healthy eating habits for the future.

How long will I need to use it for?

Obesity can be a long-term condition and there is no set length of treatment. Rest assured, we will continue to support you and discuss the next steps when you reach your target weight.

Weight loss is best maintained when healthy eating habits and a healthy lifestyle become a way of life.  Wegovy helps you get on that path 


If our service isn’t suitable for you then there are other options. Why not have a chat with your GP? Or discuss with your pharmacist if you can use an over-the-counter medicine.

Most importantly, these medicines are just an aid to reaching your goals, designed to be used alongside lifestyle changes.

Start small: do more exercise than usual and perhaps make changes to your diet. These slight modifications could begin your journey to a healthier weight!