Pharmacy Collect – COVID Lateral Flow Testing

Pharmacy Collect – COVID Lateral Flow Testing

I’m sure by now you’ve heard of the new NHS scheme where you can collect COVID lateral flow tests at your local community pharmacy for free ……. well Peak Pharmacy are delighted to announce that we are part of this amazing scheme which is known as Pharmacy Collect.

What is Pharmacy Collect?

Pharmacy Collect is a brand new NHS initiative to bring simple at home COVID testing to the masses. Lateral flow tests have been used by the NHS since 2020 and regular testing of asymptomatic clinicians prior to starting a shift has helped reduce COVID transmission in the workplace.

As of April 2021, you can now drop into your local Peak Pharmacy to collect your free at-home lateral flow COVID test with no appointment required.

Please be aware that you will need your 16 digit reference number (collection code) given to you when placing your order, be it online or over the phone, upon collecting the tests from the pharmacy.

Who is it for?

The COVID Pharmacy Collect service is most suitable for asymptomatic patients. Asymptomatic patients are patients who do not currently display signs or symptoms associated with an active infection, for example, fever, continuous new cough, loss of taste and or smell.

Those in the following groups should consider getting involved in the new scheme:

  • Have children in School/Nursery (or you work in a school/in a bubble with school children or staff)
  • Work away from home, for example, an office
  • Testing was suggested by the council or a healthcare professional for example, your doctor

If you do not fit into one of the above categories you may be asked why you require a COVID home test kit. Don’t worry, our team’s tole is to ensure you get access to a test kit, but they will need additional information as to why you need a kit as part of anonymous NHS reporting.

The tests can be used by all members of the household and are suitable for all age groups including small children (but patients collecting tests should be 18 years or older).

Service Specifics:

  • Must be carried out at home
  • Twice weekly eg Tuesday and Friday
  • Comfortable reporting the result online or via phone on 119
  • Not suitable for overseas travel

If you require a test for overseas travel then you will require a fit to fly PCR test.

How much does it cost?

The kits are free of charge, so there’s nothing stopping you from popping in today to collect a lateral flow kit at your nearest Peak Pharmacy.

Please remember to bring your 16 digit reference (collection) code along with you!

What is in the kit?

Each COVID test kit contains 7 lateral flow devices, 7 swabs and the required buffer solution. This is enough for 3 weeks of testing (twice a week tests) with a spare in case one is void.

Why test?

Lateral flow testing will be a key tool in getting back to “normal”. Regular testing of a population who are likely to be mixing will spot infections faster, particularly asymptomatic infections, and allow that individual to isolate sooner further reducing the risk of unknowingly spreading the virus.

PCR test vs Lateral Flow

There are a lot of confusing terms and acronyms floating around so let’s drill down into the specifics.

PCR Test – This stands for Polymerase Chain Reaction. It is a laboratory test and usually takes around 24 hours or more for your result. This type of test is the most accurate! If you have symptoms this is the NHS test for you. Book your slot online with the NHS or by phoning 119.

Lateral Flow Test (LFT) – This is a rapid result type test similar to a pregnancy test. A swab is taken by the patient, the swab sample is mixed with a solution and dropped on to the test kit. A result can be read 15-30 mins later. Whilst this test is not as accurate as a PCR test it is very useful for spotting cases where a patient is showing no clinical signs or symptoms of an active infection.

What to do if you get a positive test?

Isolate, and immediately book in for a PCR test with the NHS. Whilst false positives can occur it is possible you may currently be infectious without showing symptoms. A false positive is where you have you show a positive result on a test, but you are actually negative and are not carrying the virus. The risk of a false positive is very low.

Other important information

1) The tests help identify people who are positive for COVID-19 but do not have symptoms.
2) A negative result does not guarantee someone doesn’t have COVID-19. It is important to continue following Government guidelines and restrictions.
3) Instructions on how to use the test and report your results are inside the box.
4) It is important to report your results, whether positive or negative.
This helps the NHS identify areas where asymptomatic cases of COVID-19 are rising and declining so we can all keep each other safe. When you report your result, you will be provided with information on the next steps
you need to take.
5) Make a note of the lot number of the test kit used, in case you need to report any incidents related to the device, test instructions, harm or injury.
Details on how you can report any incidents can be found in the instructions within the box.

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