COVID Day 2 and 8 PCR Testing

COVID Day 2 and 8 PCR Testing

Peak Pharmacy are pleased to announce that we have been accepted onto the Department of Health Day 2 and Day 8 testing scheme for travellers entering the UK.

Peak Pharmacy can now offer this service in advance of your planned travel for peace of mind on return. The last thing you need whilst away is to worry about sourcing a Day 2 and 8 test last minute!

Our lab partner is well equipped to deal with your sample as they regularly process thousands of samples every day for private COVID testing clients and the NHS.

Price: £175

Kit Contents: Day 2 and Day 8 sampling kit ready for return to the lab.

What is Day 2 and 8 testing?

All international arrivals into the UK must self isolate (quarantine) for 10 days. Those who enter from a Red List Country must quarantine in a government-approved quarantine hotel.

You must, in addition to self-isolating carry out 2 PCR test, 1 on day 2 and the other on day 8. if both of these return a negative result you can end your quarantine no sooner than day 10. If you want to leave quarantine before day 10 you should have a look at Test to release, an additional test on Day 5

The Day 2 and 8 kits are sold for use at home on your return to the UK and each kit will have a unique booking number for the PCT Healthcare group. This number will be issued upon purchasing a test kit and will be required for your passenger locator form. This number is not to be confused with your kit URN, which the lab will need to process your sample.

As you may know Peak Pharmacy partners with Randox Health. Randox kits should be returned using the kit return methods on the Randox website.

Due to the limited number of drop locations this kit may not be for you, however, each location is collected every day with FREE next day delivery to the lab (even over bank holiday and weekends)! Typically we see results from our lab partner about 12 hours after receipt of the sample and what other lab/courier is so efficient over Bank Holidays!

Is this kit different to Test to Release and Fit to Fly COVID testing?

Yes. The Day 2 and 8 test is sold as a combination product. The samples are taken the same with swabs of the nose and throat, but unlike the test to release and the fit to fly schemes, Day 2 samples are sent for genetic sequencing. The process of sequencing is required to highlight new Coronavirus variants entering the UK. For example, sequencing has helped the UK detect the Indian, Brazillian and South African variants that are arriving regularly on our shores.

Day 2 and Day 8 test stockist can be found in the following locations:

Day 2 and Day 8 travel packages can be purchased at Pharmacies are located in Derby, Nottingham, Northampton (Olney), Ilkeston, and Manchester. To schedule find out more simply give our pharmacist a call.

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