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Before we begin...

It is important to know that Peak Pharmacy Direct is NOT your local Peak Pharmacy!


However, we are the same company, so you can still expect the same great levels of customer service, and whilst we can only help you over the phone or by email, we still always do our best to keep our patients happy!


By ordering your NHS prescription medicines through Peak Pharmacy Direct, you will be using our online medicines service, which is separate and not connected to your local Peak Pharmacy branch. 


So please ensure you select the online NHS prescription service that best suits your needs - collect in-store or delivered to your door!

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Who Are Peak Pharmacy Online?

We are an accredited UK pharmacy fully registered with the General Pharmaceutical Society and part of the Peak Pharmacy group which has over 140 pharmacies across England.

Our skilled team has many years of experience in pharmacy and always puts the patient at the heart of everything that we do.



Our Service

Q. Who is this service suitable for?

A. Our NHS delivery service is available to everyone in England who needs an NHS prescription fulfilled. You will need to be comfortable managing your medicine ordering but one of the friendly team can always advise you if you get stuck or have a question. We are a small business just like your local pharmacy, so you can count on great service and advice just the same.


Q. Is there anyone who can’t use this service?

A. The service is currently only available to individuals who live in and use GP practices in England. So, unfortunately, the service is not available if you live in Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, the Channel Islands or the Isle of Man


Q. Do you have a privacy policy? How will my sensitive data be processed?

A. We do have a privacy policy. This can be viewed at our Peak Pharmacy website. In a nutshell, we will not use your sensitive health data for marketing purposes. We will use your contact information, where appropriate, to inform you of services that PCT Healthcare offers through non-intrusive marketing, e.g. email on an irregular basis. You have the option to opt out/unsubscribe from marketing with just one click from within every email.

Nominating a Pharmacy

Q: How do I select you as my nominated pharmacy?

A. You do not need to do this. Once you have completed the in-app sign-up process and told us you wish for us to process your prescriptions, we will take care of the nomination. Please do not order any medicines before you have been nominated because your NHS prescription may not be delivered to the correct pharmacy. If you want to check your nomination, just use the NHS app to see your nominated pharmacy.


Q. I want to be nominated at two pharmacies, how can I do this?

A. Unfortunately, the NHS nomination service only allows you to have one “nominated” pharmacy. This pharmacy should be the pharmacy you plan to use most of the time.  If you need a medicine urgently then your GP may issue you with a paper prescription that has a barcode. We call these tokens. These paper tokens allow you to visit any pharmacy in England to get your prescription dispensed, great if you need your medicines in a hurry.


Q. I want to swap pharmacies, how do I do this?

A. Easy. We don’t want you to leave, but we realise this service may not be for everyone. Thankfully the NHS has made the process of moving/switching your nomination easy, leaving you in complete control.

If you use the NHS app you can select another pharmacy direct from the App. Easy! If you don’t use the NHS App simply ask your GP to change your nomination, or pop into your local community pharmacy and they can get you nominated in just a few moments. Want to move to a different pharmacy? Whilst we would appreciate a call or email to inform us, this is not necessary.


Q: How do I order my prescription?

A: You must order your prescription with your GP surgery in the usual way. Some people like to use the designated NHS app on Android or iOS to do this for convenience.  For more information on ordering a prescription read our guide to Ordering an NHS Prescription.


Q. Do I have to use the NHS App?

A. No, please order how you may have ordered previously. The NHS app will simplify the process of ordering your prescriptions and booking appointments, but we appreciate that not everyone may want to use it. We know many people who send their repeat requests to their GP in person, some people post them, some use email and others even fax them! Do what works for you and your GP surgery as it won’t change how we obtain your prescription.


Q. I’ve ordered my prescription, what happens next?

A. Your GP will assess your request and if appropriate will authorise (electronically sign) your prescription. It will then be sent to us for dispensing. It will take your GP several days from the point your prescription is generated to the point it is authorised and sent. The time frame varies from surgery to surgery and depends on their workload but it is usually around 2 working days.


Q. How will I know you have received my prescription safely?

A. Once we have received your prescription we will update our App.  If you do not use our app then you will see that the NHS App will update as well to advise you that the prescription is being processed and we will also send you an email. This email will confirm the safe receipt of a prescription and that we are processing your order. You will hear from us again when we despatch your medicines. Despatch is usually 1-2 business days from us receiving your prescription.


Q. How soon in advance should I order my medicines?

A. We would encourage you to order about 10 days before you run out of medicines. You may want to order a few days earlier for your peace of mind. It will take your GP a couple of days to approve your request.

It will take us 1-2 days to process your prescription and then Royal Mail 2-3 working days to deliver your medicine on a Tracked 48-hour parcel service. Ordinarily, it should take less than 10 days to receive your medication from the date you place your request with your GP, but things do occasionally go wrong and our priority is ensuring you do not run out. Please, therefore, help us by ensuring you order early enough.


Q. Do I have to pay for this service?

A: No. Our contract with the NHS forbids us from charging for delivery or prescription management services.

If you are exempt from prescription charges then we will need to know your NHS exemption so we can claim on your behalf. If you are not exempt then you will pay the same NHS tariff per item that you would at your local community pharmacy.  The current price per item can be found on the NHS Charges website.


Q. Who is entitled to FREE NHS prescriptions?

A. The following groups of people are usually entitled to receive NHS prescriptions for FREE:

Age exemption. These include those under 16 years and over 60yrs

16,17, or 18 years and in full-time education

Is named one of the following exemption certificates: Maternity, Medical, Prep-Payment, War Pension, HC2 charges

In receipt of Income Support, Employment Support Allowance, Job Seekers Allowance, Tax Credits or Pension Credit

Prescribed free-of-charge contraception

It is important to make sure any exemptions you claim are correct. Failing to have the right exemptions in place can lead to a fine which is levied by the NHS. If in doubt pay for your prescription and ask for an official NHS receipt so you can claim the charges back. NHS receipts can only be issued when a prescription is dispensed, they cannot be obtained at a later date so please ensure you ask for one if you think you may need one.


Did you know that you can check your NHS exemption status online? Follow the link to learn more.


Q: My exemption has changed since I signed up. How do I inform you?

A: We know that your exemption status may change at any time, simply use the contact us form on our website to notify us of any changes. Alternatively, you can email us at  If we are in doubt about your exemption status we will contact you to discuss it.


Q. I pay for my prescriptions, how much is it?

A: If you are not in one of the categories above then you will need to pay for your NHS prescription. The price is charged per item and it usually increases every April.  This fee is a bit like a tax. It does not reflect the price of your medicine, indeed many medicines are significantly more expensive than this but the fee is paid directly to the NHS to fund NHS services.

The prescription charge above is only applicable for prescriptions in England. The devolved administrations of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland have different regulations.


Q: I am not exempt from prescription charges and will need to pay for my prescription. How do I pay?

A: We will contact you for payment upon receipt of your prescription from your GP by email. Your prescription will not be shipped until we have received payment.  You can pay on the phone at tel: 01246 450425 (Option 2), and you pay online through our website by following the link in the payment required email that we send when we receive your prescription.


Q: My GP has prescribed an urgent antibiotic, will you be able to deliver it the next day?

A: We will do our utmost to ship urgent antibiotics as soon as possible, however, in these circumstances, it is best to ask your GP to print you a paper token (it is a white or sometimes green prescription with a barcode) or to direct your prescription to a local community pharmacy on this occasion.  If your GP send your prescription to us, call us as soon as you can and we will return it to the NHS for you to have dispensed locally.


Q: Can I have my prescription delivered to work or another address of my choosing?

A: Yes. Just indicate this in the Peak Pharmacy App, or use the Contact Us form to update your delivery address. Unless you notify us of an alternate delivery address we will despatch to the address on the prescription.

Where an alternate delivery address is provided this will be used in preference each time unless you contact us directly.


Q: How will I know if my prescription has been shipped?

A: We will send you an email once your prescription has been dispatched with a tracking number for you to track the status of your parcel with our courier Royal Mail.


Q: What if I am not in when my parcel is delivered?

A: Controlled drugs and refrigerated medicines will require a signature for delivery. Controlled drugs will be shipped Monday-Friday and Refrigerated medicines Monday to Thursday.

Some smaller packages can be safely delivered through your letterbox and will not require a signature on delivery. Larger parcels may be taken back to your local sorting office. We would recommend having your parcels delivered to an address where someone will be in to receive the delivery.  Our parcels may or may not be posted through your letterbox by Royal Mail.  Letterbox delivery may not be suitable for you, and it is particularly important if you are an animal owner. If letterbox deliveries are not suitable for your property, unfortunately, we will not be able to provide NHS prescription delivery services for you.

Return Medicines

Q. How do I return unwanted or expired medicines?

A:  You can return unwanted medicines to any pharmacy in England and they will be safely disposed of them for free.  In the UK medicines cannot be reused so all returns are sent for safe destruction.  You can also return unwanted medicines to Peak Pharmacy Direct in the post, please contact us for a shipping label. 


Q. Are there any medicines we cannot accept for disposal?

A: Unfortunately pharmacies in England cannot accept used sharps/needles for destruction.  Please speak with your GP or local council to learn more about sharps removal in your area.  We can of course accept everything else ..... but liquids and glass bottles are probably best returned to your local community pharmacy rather than Peak Pharmacy Online.

Not sure what you can, or cannot return to your local pharmacy, then have a look at this handy guide to disposing of unwanted medicines.

Unforseen Issues

Q: What if there is a problem with my prescription?

A: For the vast majority of prescriptions, there are not likely to be any problems processing your medicines. If our pharmacists encounter a problem with your prescription, they will contact you via email or phone to notify you of any delays.


Q: I am going to run out of my medicines, what shall I do?

A: If we have not yet shipped your prescription we will be able to return it to the NHS for your local pharmacy to dispense, just give us a call to advise.  If your prescription has already been packed for shipping then we will be unable to return the prescription to the NHS, but don't worry because you can get an emergency supply.


To obtain an emergency supply please phone 111 or visit the NHS 111 online and you will be able to request an emergency supply of medicine to get you through the next few days until your prescription arrives.

Contact Us | Contacting You

Need to speak with us? This might be about your latest prescription, or it could be an unrelated health complaint.  

Please call us on 01246 450425 (Option 2)

There is always a pharmacist available to answer any phone calls that you may have, all you need to do is ask.  We have facilities to ensure your conversations are kept private, and should you want a video call we have the facility for this as well.

On occasion, we may need to contact you to discuss your prescription medicines or offer an NHS-funded service like a New Medication Review.  We will do this by email or telephone and you be assured that all conversations are private and confidential.


Alternative ways to contact Peak Pharmacy Direct:

Post:  Peak Pharmacy Direct, Horizon, Buttermilk Lane, Bolsover, Chesterfield, S44 6AE


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