NHS Repeat Prescriptions

*This information relates to your local Peak Pharmacy branch and NOT Peak Pharmacy Online*

We are delighted that you have chosen or are considering, your local Peak Pharmacy for your repeat prescriptions. This leaflet provides further information on how your repeat prescriptions are dispensed and answers some common questions.

Why choose Peak Pharmacy?

At Peak Pharmacy, we put the patient at the centre of everything we do, and we are located in the heart of the communities we serve. We are pleased to offer a high-quality, professional Community Pharmacy service close to home. 

We aim to provide an efficient dispensing service accompanied by high-quality care and advice, so you get the most out of your medicines. We also offer a range of other NHS and private services you may benefit from so we can look after your health.

How long does it take to dispense my repeat prescription?

Once the Pharmacy has received your repeat prescription from your GP surgery, we generally require three working days before your prescription will be ready to collect. This is because we have very strict processes that need to be followed to ensure that we supply medicines accurately and safely.

My surgery has told me my prescription will be ready 48 hours after I have requested it, why isn’t this the case?

This is the time your GP surgery needs to process your request, produce a prescription, for it to be approved by a prescriber and sent to the Pharmacy. The Pharmacy will therefore receive your prescription 48 hours after you have requested it. 

The Pharmacy team will then require sufficient time to process all the prescriptions received that day. This involves a Pharmacist assessing your prescription, which then needs to be labelled, the stock ordered, and the prescription assembled before the Pharmacist or Accuracy Checking Technician can complete a final check.

When should I order my next prescription?

The best time to order your prescription is seven days before you need it. This will allow both the surgery and the Pharmacy enough time to ensure your prescription is ready to collect before you run out of your previous supply. 

If you order a prescription too early, the surgery may not be able to approve your request. If you order it too late, there won’t have been enough time to prepare it before it is needed.

How will I know when my prescription is ready?

The best way of knowing if your prescription is ready to collect is by registering for our complimentary text messaging service. You will receive a message as soon as your prescription is ready to collect so you can be confident when you visit the Pharmacy that everything is ready, and you won’t have to wait while your prescription is dispensed. Please provide a member of the Pharmacy team with the mobile number you would like the message to be sent to.

What about new or urgent prescriptions?

You do not need to wait for 48 hours or for a text message before contacting the Pharmacy for non-repeat prescriptions. These will usually be dispensed on the same day as they are received.

What is the best way to order my repeat prescription?

The easiest way to order your repeat prescription is electronically using the Peak Pharmacy app or NHS app or website. 

If you prefer not to order your prescription this way, speak to your surgery or Pharmacy team who will advise which other methods are available.

Where is my repeat prescription prepared?

Although some repeat prescriptions are dispensed from beginning to end at your local pharmacy, we sometimes use a central assembly hub to complete some parts of the process. 

Rest assured, this will not change the amount of time required to dispense your prescription and it will be available to collect from your local Pharmacy as normal. If you do not want your prescription prepared at our hub, please let one of the team know.

Why do you use a central hub?

Our Pharmacy teams are highly skilled, and we believe their time is best spent with their patients. By removing some of the work involved in dispensing prescriptions, we can reduce waiting times in the Pharmacy and make sure the team are readily available to serve and assist you and provide additional services. 

This will benefit our patients and other healthcare providers alike as it will allow the Pharmacy team to offer services that previously you had to visit your GP surgery to obtain such as blood pressure checks and flu vaccines, often without an appointment. Please speak to a member of the team about additional services available at your Pharmacy.

How It Works:

NHS Repeat Prescription (5 Working Days) Infographic