The Pyramid Mosinet Pop-up Double Bed Mosquito Net is a strong and secure mosquito net is ideal for use in high-risk malaria countries. This self-supporting pop-up mosquito net is suitable for use in hotels or hostels on double and king-size beds.

This Mosinet Pop-Up is impregnated with Permethrin and the Zi Technology Fabric Impregnation provides protection for up to 2 years (or 35 washes). Manufactured from high quality 100% polyester mesh.


  • Strong & Secure
  • Contains Permethrin
  • Easy To Use
  • Self-Supporting

Designed for use in the most extreme conditions, Pyramid Mosquito Nets offer ultimate protection from mosquitoes and other biting insects.

Their Mosinets offer fast and immediate protection without the need for fixing or hanging.

Top quality fine mesh fabric - double the recommended World Health Organisation standard.

Product Specifications:

  • Mesh Size: 53 holes per sq. cm or 300 per sq. inch
  • 100% Polyester netting.
  • Max.height: 155cm. Max Width: 165cm. Max. Length: 200cm
  • Colour: White

The Double Bed Mosinet weighs in at 1110grams and when bagged it is virtually flat with a diameter of 47cm. The Double Bed Mosinet can also be set up outside using traditional tent stakes (not supplied). It is not recommended doing this in windy or very wet conditions.

How to Use:

Before you travel, practice setting up, taking down and storing the net. This is the best way to ensure you maximise the net's protection and use.

To set up the Mosinet:

Remove the net carefully from the bag, pull the struts apart and place one at each corner of the bed. Adjust the struts and tighten the draw string elastic to give a close tight fit.

If setting up on a mattress only or camp bed tuck the struts underneath and tighten the draw cord to enlcose the net and help with stability. Enter the Mosinet using the zip on each side of the net.

No need for any support fixings.

To take down the Mosinet:

Remove the net and lie flat on the bed with the struts on top of one another. Gather the netting into the centre. Take hold of one end of the struts and pull them together into a loop. Wind the struts together to form a circle and place back inside the carry bag.

When not in use store the net inside the plastic bag provided to prolong the effectiveness of the Permethrin Impregnation.


Avoid direct skin contact for prolonged periods.


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