Gaviscon Infant Sachets will help to keep your child comfortable and ease the distress they may feel when reflux makes them spit it up or even experience heartburn.

What is gastric reflux?

Gastric reflux happens when your stomach content works its way up from your stomach into your food pipe. This will then cause irritating symptoms like heartburn which can be very distressing when it happens in babies who don’t understand what is going on.

What are the symptoms of gastric reflux?

  • Being sick.
  • Spitting up more than usual.
  • Bringing up milk during or shortly after feeding.
  • Becoming distressed.
  • Being unsettled during feeding.
  • Crying and not settling.
  • Not gaining weight as they’re not keeping enough food down.
  • Coughing or hiccupping when feeding.

How will Gaviscon Infant help to ease my baby’s reflux?

Gaviscon Infant Sachets contains ingredients which help to form a protective layer over the contents of your baby’s stomach, helping to keep it from coming back up and reducing the reflux.

Directions of use:

Bottle-fed infants – Mix each sachet into 115ml (4oz) of milk feed in the bottle. Shake well and feed your baby as normal.

Breastfed infants – Mix each sachet with 5ml of cooled boiled water to form a smooth paste. Add another 10ml of water and mix. If your child is breastfed, give them the mixture partway through each feed or meal, using a spoon or bottle.

Do not give more than 6 times in 24 hours.

Do not use for more than 7 days without speaking to your doctor or health care team.


Each sachet of Gaviscon Infant contains Sodium Alginate 225mg and Magnesium Alginate 87.5mg

Gaviscon Infant is Sugar Free


Keep out of sight and reach of children.

Not to be used for no longer than 7 days.


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