Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement

Slavery and Human Trafficking statement; Modern Slavery Act 2015

Introduction from the Board of Directors

PCT Healthcare (Holdings) Limited and its associated companies recognises that all businesses have an obligation to recognise and prevent human trafficking and slavery. Every company has a part to play in eradicating it. We will do everything we can to prevent slavery and human trafficking within the company and the supply chains we are part of.

Our company:

PCT Healthcare (Holdings) Limited (hereafter referred to as PCT Healthcare) is a limited company with its
Head Office in Chesterfield and its Registered Office in Walkden, Manchester. It is the holding company for PCT Healthcare Ltd, WR Evans Healthcare Ltd, P & AJ Cattee (Wholesale) Ltd, Manor Drug Company (Nottingham) Ltd, Jayne A Hibbard Ltd and Grasmere Leigh Ltd.

PCT Healthcare Ltd, Jayne A Hibbard Limited and Grasmere Leigh Limited are community pharmacy and healthcare providers based predominately in Greater Manchester, Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire.

P & AJ Cattee (Wholesale) Ltd and Manor Drug Company (Nottingham) Limited are wholesale businesses supplying pharmaceuticals to pharmacies and other wholesale companies.

Our supply chains:

Our supply chain mainly involves the procurement of pharmaceuticals, the majority coming from large national wholesalers or manufacturers within the UK. Other suppliers will be assessed for suitability by our purchasing team. We will not trade with any company where issues of concern are identified.

Our workforce:

A significant number of our employees are professionally trained and regulated by external bodies. The remaining members of staff receive training appropriate to their role within the company. We have a Human Resource department which offers advice and support for the workforce and there is a whistleblowing policy to enable staff to raise concerns confidentially should they arise.

VAT No: 679 2160 11 / Company Registration No: 1768840

Our commitment and policies:

PCT Healthcare is committed to opposing slavery and human trafficking in any part of our business and supply chains. We will not knowingly support or do business with any organisation involved in such practices.

PCT Healthcare is committed through its policies to be fair in the recruitment and retention of its employees. We comply with all applicable employment legislation. We expect the same from all organisations in our supply chains.
We endeavour to ensure employees are treated with respect, dignity and consideration in the work environment.

Due Diligence and Supplier Adherence:

As stated above, we are committed to identifying and helping eradicate slavery and trafficking. Senior Managers are responsible for compliance within their department.

We have long standing relationships with most of our suppliers and know or expect that they have the same ethical business ethos. If we became aware of any issues from existing or new suppliers we would cease to do business with them and report on to the appropriate authorities.


Directors, Senior Managers, Heads of the buying and HR departments have been briefed on this subject and are clear where the areas of risk could be.

Effectiveness of our policies and Responsibility for this statement:

As a company working within a regulated healthcare environment, procuring from major national and international suppliers and manufacturers with staff recruitment conducted on a direct basis, our exposure and risk regarding slavery and human trafficking is extremely low.

The Directors of PCT Healthcare have overall responsibility for compliance with this statement and related policies.
This statement is made in pursuant to Section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes PCT
Healthcare's slavery and Human Trafficking Statement for this financial year.

Name: Mr Peter Cattee
Position: Managing Director For and on behalf of: PCT Healthcare (Holdings) Limited
VAT No: 679 2160 11
Company Registration No: 1768840