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Weight Loss Support

Losing weight can be a challenging but rewarding journey. There may be some stumbles along the way, but if you have the right amount of determination and the correct weight loss plan, then you can achieve your weight loss goals in a safe and healthy way.

Here at Peak Pharmacy, we have put together a handy weight loss guide to offer some suggestions and things to consider when you begin your weight loss programme.

Change Things Up

Start by swapping your food! Change from a normal can of beans to low fat, low salt can of beans, change from white bread to wholemeal bread. Swapping your current food for healthy alternatives can be the easiest way to gradually phase in your new healthy eating regime.

Trying to go “cold turkey” or too many drastic changes is not the best way to start your new eating regime, make a slow and gradual transition so that over the weeks and months you can begin to replace foods with much healthier options.

Alcohol and fizzy sugary drinks are full of fat and sugars and ultimately high in calories, some people never take into account that what you are drinking is just the same as what you are eating.

You can stick to a strict food diet but if you do not keep on top of the amount of fizzy and alcoholic drinks you consume then all that good work is wasted. Try swapping fizzy drinks for water or a low sugar cordial drink. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to weight gain. Try to keep your alcohol intake to a minimum.

Get Active & Exercise

If you have joined a gym or are planning on doing so then you will be given an introduction on how to use all the equipment. Almost all gyms now will have staff on hand to speak to you about setting up a tailor-made weight loss regime for you. Seek the advice from the staff and they can set out weekly goals and targets for you, not only will your fitness levels increase, but you will also have more motivation to reach the set targets, this structure can be beneficial to those who may find it hard to stick to exercise if left to themselves.

If the gym is not for you then you can start off by making gradual changes to your fitness. Start by walking more, need to go to the local shop? Walk there rather than taking the car. On the bus? Get off a few stops before you have to and walk the rest of the way to your destination.

Doing housework is a great way to keep active because you are on the move and working your entire body even cleaning the house will help increase your overall fitness levels.

If running is difficult for you to start by going for walks, then as your fitness levels improve to increase the distance and speed at which you walk. You can transfer this method to running as well, start off with a comfortable distance then begin to push yourself further each week.

Log Your Progress

Keeping a food and exercise journal will be beneficial in many different aspects of your weight loss process.

After a few weeks have passed you will be able to look and notice eating patterns, you will be able to identify the high-fat foods you eat and be able to replace these with healthier alternatives. You may notice that you seem to eat more food on particular days, this will allow you to think why that is and what you can do to change this.

Don’t like the idea of a psychical journal, well if you have a smartphone there are hundreds of apps you can download which will allow you to do the same thing. Another benefit of keeping a log is you can keep on top of what you are eating and be able to use this as motivation as you can see, over time, the change in your diet. This can be that little boost you need at times to keep going.

And Remember…

Don’t overuse the scales, this can be a negative factor from a mental point of view. Only weigh yourself every few weeks, think of the long term goal.

Drink as much water as you can.

Ignore fad diets, these are short term stop gaps and many can even be harmful to your health.

Seek support and help from your friends, family or gym buddies.

Losing weight is a rewarding long term process, there are no quick fixes.

Take small steps, introduce everything gradually.

Allow yourself an occasional treat, but make sure you are at a stage where you know this will not trigger old habits.

With weight loss, all the work is down to you, but with drive and determination, you can make these changes and feel fitter and better about yourself. 

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